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Board of Zoning Appeals & City Planning Commission Agenda
City Hall Council Chambers
Tuesday, March 07, 2017 at 07:00 PM
  1. Roll Call
  2. Approval of Minutes
    Documents: Draft Minutes
  3. Swearing in of new member


Documents: 3377 Warrensville

Public Hearing on the request of the City of Shaker Heights, 3377 Warrensville Center Road, to the City Planning Commission, for an amendment to the zoning map to change the zoning classification at 3377 Warrensville Center Road. The City owns this property at the northeast corner of Warrensville Center and Farnsleigh Roads. The City proposes to change the zoning classification from O Office to CM Commercial Mixed-Use. This request requires Council action.


Documents: 22449 Shelburne

Public Hearing on the request of Jason Rion, Highland Construction, on behalf of Mike Pasternak, 22449 Shelburne Road, to the Board of Zoning Appeals for a variance to the location and setback requirements for outdoor mechanical units. The applicant proposes to locate the new pool equipment and re-locate an existing air conditioning condensing unit into the side yard, located 10 feet from the side property line. The existing side yard is 14 feet wide. The pool equipment is no more than 4 feet tall and the air conditioning condensing unit is approximately 3 feet tall. The code requires that pool equipment be located in the rear yard only and screened from view. The code requires that air conditioning condensing units in the side yard be located in side yards measuring a minimum of 25 feet wide and be screened by a solid wood fence or evergreen vegetation. The applicant proposes to screen the units with the existing 10 foot tall arborvitae bushes and an existing 5 foot tall wood fence.

Documents: 14201 Southington

Public Hearing on the request of Rhonda DiOrio and Kyle Rose, Positive Education Program (PEP), 14201 Southington Road, to the Board of Zoning Appeals in order to install a fence around a proposed garden along Keswick Road. The program proposes to install a 5 foot tall wood framed wire fence, 50 feet behind the Keswick Road sidewalk to surround the garden. Code requires the fence only be 4 feet tall to be set back 65 feet from Keswick Road at the school building façade. The fence is proposed to enclose a new therapeutic garden area, which will be utilized by the school’s students. The fence is proposed to be screened with a mix of bayberry bushes, little bluestem grasses, and St. John’s Wort facing Keswick Road.


Documents: 3710 Lee

Public Hearing on the request of Amanda Graeter, Process Canine, 3710 Lee Road, to the Board of Zoning Appeals and City Planning Commission, for variances and a Conditional Use Permit in order to operate a dog day care business. The proposed business will utilize indoor and outdoor space at the former Lee Road Nursery property for a dog daycare, training and boarding facility. A Conditional Use Permit is required for a use similar to an animal hospital/veterinarian office. A variance is required to locate this business closer than 100 lineal feet to a residential use. A variance is required to enclose the dumpster with a wood fence instead of the required brick wall. A fence landscaping variance is required for an 8 foot tall cedar fence facing Lee Road without required landscaping to soften a fence facing the street. A variance is needed to only screen the dumpster with a solid wood, 8 foot tall fence instead of the required 6 foot tall brick wall. Code requires a 20 foot landscape buffer and a 6 foot tall brick wall adjacent to the residential district along the rear property line. A variance is required to provide an 8 foot tall solid cedar fence with the existing grass and asphalt area adjacent to the rear property line. Landscaping is required at the south side property line and along the front edge of the parking lot. A 5 foot wide landscape strip with 2 and 3 foot tall landscaping is required but none is proposed. A parking variance is required as 19 parking spaces are required and 14 are proposed. Council confirmation is required.

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